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Our lifestyle world is opening its doors to you: welcome to hotels that have far more to offer you than just sweet dreams in the Land of Nod.



The “lifestyle” hospitality sector, as we imagine it, appeals to all your senses: seeing works of art, tasting delicious dishes and cocktails you won't find anywhere else, smelling our floral arrangements and essential oils, using our touch screens and enjoying the feel of high quality wood… If you love la dolce vita and strong sensations, come and discover daytime living at its best at our addresses.

Hey Jo&Joe!

It's not a hotel, not a youth hostel and not a private rental. It's a lively social space where townsters and tripsters mingle (or locals and travelers, as they're known to non-hipsters). In this “Open House”, the furniture is adjustable and movable, the kitchen's shared and spaces are customized. By day, people here spend their time laughing, eating, dancing and making the world a better place. At night they sleep here, either on their own in a room, in a dorm with a group of friends, or as a couple, enjoying their holiday romance. And from time to time they listen to a concert, perform a sun salutation and learn to cook.

A breath of fresh air

JO&JOE was born in our Marketing Innovation Lab. When it came to designing it, our teams called in future guests, the Shadow Comex and also students and teachers from the Webschool Factory. The brief given by Sébastien Bazin: “Break all the conventions, forget old habits, be surprising, genuine and unexpected, and bring a breath of fresh air to Accor.” Mission accomplished. By 2020, 50 JO&JOE addresses will open around the world: stay tuned!


JO&JOE: who are they?

A first open-house, feet in the water

Faster than a tweet? Just a few months after the announcement of its creation, the JO&JOE brand opens its first address in Hossegor, a top surf destination and great favorite with Millennials. And because the brand really knows who are the right people to mix with, for its first Open House it's chosen to associate with Quiksilver and Roxy, two inevitable brands in the world of surfing and sport!

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What we love about private rentals is the charm of the local experience and that feeling of being “as though you were at home” in distinctive private addresses.  And paradoxically, sometimes the downside is precisely because of the feeling of not being at home. Because of having to play umpteen rounds of rock-paper-scissors to decide who has to sleep on the sofa bed; trying to forget while you're asleep about that terrifying portrait of some old uncle hanging in pride of place above the double bed; having dinner by candlelight, not so as to add a touch of charm but because every other lightbulb is dud; washing your hair with household soap because you forgot your shampoo; and coming back from the beach or the museum early to tidy up, put things away and wash the dishes.

If you've ever experienced one of these situations, then shut your eyes. Now imagine a private property where you'd feel at home. And forget about the rock-paper-scissors bit, the old uncle's picture, the candles, rough hair and dirty dishes. Imagine the perfect stay, where everything's in its place, all to hand. Now open them again: you're at onefinestay.

The reason we've made this acquisition is precisely because this business has succeeded in combining two features that are fairly unlikely to be found together: the sharing economy and a refined hotel service.

Nimble fingers

What makes the difference, apart from the rigorous selection of exceptional addresses[i] , is the teams of professionals who are there to carefully prepare the private homes ready to put everything back in its place as soon as the guests depart. And everyone benefits. For the owners, it is the guarantee of finding their property in good condition. For the travellers, it’s the comfort of a made to measure service, from the personalised welcome to the availability of a local team 24/24 and 7/7. 
[i] Only one house in ten is selected

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Flying Nest


What if we brought the hotel directly to our guests? On the Avoriaz ski slopes, on the Evian Championship course or at the heart of the We Love Green festival... Flying Nest is our Group's ephemeral and nomadic accommodation concept. Mobile, eco-friendly, and immersive, these flexible rooms move from event to event. Entirely covered in wood, they offer absolute comfort to its guests: double bed, living space, bathroom, and above all... A breathtaking view from its room or on its terrace! The bay windows of this accommodation solution immerse you in the atmosphere of the event, the energy of the place and the beauty of the setting. The result: an exclusive and unforgettable experience. Mobile, comfortable hotel rooms that were created by Accor in collaboration with Ora-ïto, one of the most renowned designers of his generation!

Let's take a look at flying_nest's Instagram account!

Le Loft

30m2 of living spaces, up to 3 days of autonomy in energy and water for 6 people, 1 double bed on the ground floor, 4 single beds convertible into 2 double beds in duplex, 1 fully glazed terrace, 1 equipped kitchenette, dry toilets, 1 bathroom… No, we are not talking about a modern apartment in the city, but rather about our new concept of ephemeral and high-end accommodation: The Loft! With a capacity of up to 6 people, it combines design, functionality and comfort and, thanks to its mobility, will find you where you go to enjoy exclusive experiences in the heart of events, nature or in unusual places.

The Loft aims to meet the needs of different markets:

  • as a B2B solution for corporate incentives, extension of housing solutions for gites or reception areas, brand or institution activations
  • as a B2C solution for private events such as weddings or sports or wellness excursions

This project, managed by the Innovation Lab team, completes Flying Nest's existing offer. The Group wishes to resolve the dilemma of the rarity of hotel solutions at events - by combining comfort and proximity, and also to respond to the growing demand from customers for innovative and extraordinary experiences.

Through an all-inclusive offer - personalized hotel service, catering and new activities, privileged access,... - the premium and immersive Loft contributes to bringing life to Augmented Hospitality and is perfectly in line with the Accor Live Limitless strategy.

Come to Mama!

Unexpected design touches, cozy rooms, welcoming staff… There were so many reasons for us to take a stake in Mama Shelter.


In the bar, a group of managers on a business trip treat themselves to a round of Monkey Business cocktails. A few meters away, a young Tinder couple chat about art and Netflix series: the magic gets to work over a “cocotte de coquillettes” pasta bake. A little further away, in between mouthfuls of vegetable gyozas and sips of Red Lips, a group of pals launch themselves, grinning from ear to ear, into a table football match. Up on the rooftop, a poet tweets lines of verse whilst finishing off his glass of Echappée Bel. At Mama Shelter there's a total mix of locals rubbing shoulders with Yuccies, Normcores, Bobos, brokers, groupies, Yipsters… real men and women like you and us. They all walked through Mama's door to find themselves in a place for partying and for living. Some come to sway to a rapper's flow or an R&B ballad. Others to sample the unique concoctions made to Mama mixologists' secret recipe.

“Gimme Shelter”

In between the restaurant and rooftop come the rooms. Five formats – from Small Mama to XXL – and a promise we always keep: high quality bedding, a 27-inch Mac with TV, radio, Airplay, Skype, internet and free WI-FI access, minibar and desk.

Going all out

A spirit of goodwill reigns on every level. Because it means a lot to Mama, to have smiling staff. Versatile personnel with atypical backgrounds: each in their own way totally attentive to their guests. 

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25hours joins the galaxy

Another hospitality solution that's completely out of this world, another top pick: 25hours Hotels. Attracted by the seven bohemian addresses across the Rhine, we invested and acquired a 30% stake.

The concept: a series of uniquely individual funky boutique hotels. Their maxim: “Nothing looks less like a 25hours hotel than another 25hours hotel”.

Urban jungle

To get a proper idea of the 25hours' art de vivre, head to the Bikini Hotel in Berlin.

After stopping by reception (looking more like a loft apartment than a lobby), we take the elevator up to the rooftop Monkey Bar, entering a terraced area with a vertical garden of exotic plants, ethnic decor and panoramic views.

The place is a destination in itself, where you can never feel bored.

On coming back down, we find a concept work area, relaxation zone, shop selling cool Berlin designer products, a lounge area, bakery and terrace.

This alliance came about from a real attraction for these uniquely individual, design-oriented boutique hotels that offer a great workplace for urban nomads and an ideal spot for meeting people, exploring and immersing yourself in cosmopolitan cities.

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