WAAG is 6 years old and AccorHotels is giving it a fresh boost! Our international network for gender equality and diversity is now called RiiSE. Why the ‘ii’? Because it symbolizes women AND men who are committed to the values of sharing knowledge, of solidarity and of combatting stereotypes.

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Riising goes beyond equality—riising is about being better, getting better. To Riise is to not only be equal, but to flourish. To grow. And those powerful notions mirror several of the values that our Group holds dear!

And a new ambition: “At AccorHotels, we all RiiSE to new heights”. Here’s more.

It was on October 25 last at the Fairmont Dubai that Sébastien Bazin unveiled the new name alongside the network’s two ambassadors—Chief Digital Officer Maud Bailly and AccorInvest CEO John Ozinga—and CEO Middle East & Africa Mark Willis.