Tailored Opportunities

Come as you are and feel free to learn and grow. 

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Each one of our employees is unique: they have their own learning expectations and ambition. At Accor we value their uniqueness so we offer lifelong learning experiences, turning learning into a way of life. 

We know that the only way to deliver the desired experience to our guests is to first offer our teams the Optimal Working Experience… and Learning is a key factor. By putting our employees at the heart of everything we do, we will create the conditions of their success at creating incredible experiences for our guests.

For the past 50 years, Accor learning experiences have been continuously adapting to the world’ changes and ongoing innovation, to offer attractive and effective learning for all, to grow collectively and individually.  

Our teams are the key actors of our constant transformation but more than that, they are the authors of their own story with Accor. We believe in creativity, curiosity, and the willingness to learn and that makes us agile and capable of making the world a better place. Each individual personality and passion create a unique and authentic emotional connection with our guests. 


The challenges of Accor

Surprise the market, devise new models and seek out undiscovered sources of value: as a leader, our Group has been reinventing its business to keep pace with the world that surrounds it. In a sector undergoing far-reaching changes, we need to continually question our convictions, anticipate tomorrow's needs and unite to innovate in our passion for customers. More than just an evolution, this is a powerful cultural transformation that we want you to be the main actor of.

Unleashing creativity

Because we believe diversity is our best strength, we also believe our teams need to feel free to express their creativity by using their own stories and passion to better connect and collaborate with each other and with guests. Feeling free to express their ideas, take the risk of making mistakes and excel in order to create value. At our international office in Issy-Les-Moulineaux (France) we embody our transformation, by opening up the workspaces, creating collaborative areas for co-design, to foster interaction, agility and imagination. Our internal social network also creates a more fluid flow of information and turns our staff into an active and engaged community that creates groups, shares news and feels connected. 

Learning as a way of life 

"Everyone at Accor is seeking for lifelong learning and meaningful experiences. Everyone feels valued and free to pursuit their own goals. Accor is committed to ensure that our learning experience is learner-centric, accessible by all, anywhere, anytime."

That is how we want our teams to feel. We want our teams to feel part of our learning community and to be free to continually learn, grow and take a central role in the cultural transformation. This is why our Learning & Development strategy starts by placing them at the heart of the learning experiences. This is how we do it: 

  • We have a learner-centric mindset. We adapt our learning offer to our employees, we customize, and we evolve according to their own transformation and needs. We do not teach people, we learn from each other and together we grow, as a company, as a community and as individuals.
  • At Accor you can learn anywhere, anytime. Digital enables us to learn and connect from anywhere using mobile devices. Audacious learning approaches (as gamification, reverse learning, virtual reality, etc) makes peoples want to learn anywhere, it gives them the will. We aim to change the mindset of how people see corporate learning by changing peoples’ will: learning needs to be fun, innovative, surprising, so you will seek for it. This way learning is no longer a job requirement, but an individual choice. 
  • Anyone can be a source of learning and every individual experience is a learning content. We believe co-design drives learning and every one of our employees can contribute to the learning community by sharing experiences, expertise and “savoir faire”. We share what we learn and we learn from what others share. Learning is a cycle and we are all part of it. 

We strongly believe Accor can add value to our employees’ development not only to the benefit of the future of our organization, but for them to be ready for the world’s constant transformation.

The Academy

There are 8 regional Academies and with their local hubs they provide learning experiences for all Accor teams. Learning experiences can be on the job, in classroom, digital or blended. We collaborate with schools, universities, institutes and other professionals to ensure we have the best and most innovative learning offer. The Academy also enables us to support growth in regions. 

  • 8 8
    regional campuses
  • 250+ 250+
    training modules
  • 2.7M 2.7M
    hours of training in 2021