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Hey Jo&Joe!

It's not a hotel, not a youth hostel and not a private rental. It's a lively social space where townsters and tripsters mingle (or locals and travelers, as they're known to non-hipsters). In this “Open House”, the furniture is adjustable and movable, the kitchen's shared and spaces are customized. By day, people here spend their time laughing, eating, dancing and making the world a better place. At night they sleep here, either on their own in a room, in a dorm with a group of friends, or as a couple, enjoying their holiday romance. And from time to time they listen to a concert, perform a sun salutation and learn to cook.

A breath of fresh air

JO&JOE was born in our Marketing Innovation Lab. When it came to designing it, our teams called in future guests, the Shadow Comex and also students and teachers from the Webschool Factory. The brief given by Sébastien Bazin: “Break all the conventions, forget old habits, be surprising, genuine and unexpected, and bring a breath of fresh air to Accor.” Mission accomplished. By 2020, 50 JO&JOE addresses will open around the world: stay tuned!

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JO&JOE: who are they?

A first open-house, feet in the water

Faster than a tweet? Just a few months after the announcement of its creation, the JO&JOE brand opens its first address in Hossegor, a top surf destination and great favorite with Millennials. And because the brand really knows who are the right people to mix with, for its first Open House it's chosen to associate with Quiksilver and Roxy, two inevitable brands in the world of surfing and sport!

  • 19€ budget of the 145 beds per night

  • 10€ budget for a full menu

  • 4€ budget for breakfast

  • 15 to 20 jobs created

  • 10,000 sq.m. of gardens, 400 meters from the sea