Loyalty Innovation in Loyalty: Four Ways Accor Enables its Clients to Make a Positive Impact

A true pioneer committed to building a sustainable hospitality model, Accor has long been championing environmental and social causes and supporting local communities. To ensure global and meaningful change, we constantly innovate and identify new ways to act across our activities and through collective engagement. Our partnership with Captain Cause ౼ a French mission-driven startup that supports organizations with a social or environmental purpose ౼ is testament to this ambition. Launched in 2023, this partnership enables our clients to support causes close to their hearts, in line with Accor’s commitment and vision.

Supporting Environmental and Social Causes: Empowering Engagement with Captain Cause

Sustainability has never been more top of mind than it is today. We are witnessing a growing desire among clients to support and play a role in environmental and social causes, demonstrating their aspiration to create a more sustainable future. At the same time, they are also seeking more transparency, tangible results, as well as alignment with their values. The all-captaincause.com platform answers these needs by building a bridge between companies and non-profit organizations. Members of ALL – Accor’s loyalty program – can easily donate their Reward points to their chosen causes. The points are monetized, and funds distributed to organizations.

With Captain Cause, we are sharing the belief that companies have an important role to play in helping to provide solutions to environmental and social challenges. This initiative represents a powerful lever to involve our customers, by giving them a tangible role in helping to achieve our sustainable transformation, while offering them the chance to make a practical contribution at their own level. A 21st century company must be built on working together and contributing to making a positive impact.

Brune Poirson Chief Sustainability Officer - Accor

Our customers aspire to a more sustainable future. It is our responsibility to design solutions that meet these changing needs. By offering our ALL members the opportunity to use their points for causes dear to their hearts through our digital platforms, we are redefining how digital can be a positive force for change.

Alix Boulnois Chief Digital Officer - Accor

Donating your loyalty points to good causes is a simple, powerful and memorable act. Every ALL member can now do this in just a few clicks using Captain Cause technology and choosing from our selected organizations. We are proud to support Accor as a pioneer of more responsible marketing. I am also delighted that Brune Poirson has joined our Impact Committee, which we have created to conscientiously develop our strategy for collaborating with organizations. Since the very first day, financing the transition and involving as many people as possible have been our priorities at Captain Cause.

Frédéric Mazzella Cofounder - Captain Cause

Captain Cause: Four ways Accor Innovates to Provide True Solutions to Environmental and Social Challenges

1. Associations aligned with Accor's commitment

At Accor, we believe that small gestures can go a long way. In line with our sustainability strategy, our partnership with Captain Cause connects our clients with organizations involved in two areas that we support every single day: Nature and Community. Through meticulous selection, we've chosen global associations operating in our members’ communities, sharing values that resonate with both Accor and our clients.

2. Recognized and renowned organizations

Our expanding roster of hand-picked associations has undergone stringent evaluation, and each has shown concrete results. One of the most important requirements of our quality charter is that each organization proves its ability to deliver both short- and long-term impacts.

3. A reliable, transparent process

In the spirit of total transparency, we invite our members to follow the progress of the organizations they support and witness the implementation of their projects. We also make an earnest promise to our members that 100% of their donations will go directly to their chosen association, without any commission or tax deductions for Accor.

4. Accessible to all

It is important to us that all members are able to participate, with donations to suit every budget. Donations can be made anywhere, anytime through the ALL app.

Driving Innovation: Our Commitment to Global Impact

This project resonates deeply with the Group’s ambition to shape a more sustainable future of travel and to embark all our stakeholders in collectively building sustainable solutions. The rapid success of the platform underscores its relevance and effectiveness: within just a few months of its launch, millions of points were generously contributed by our members. This remarkable response highlights the genuine need this platform addresses and affirms our commitment to making meaningful change in the world.

The partnership ALL x Captain Cause in key figures:

  • 9


  • 87

    donating countries

  • 5.5M

    reward points donated (on the ALL Captain Cause platform, from launch in September to end of December 2023)

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