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Hello to those who say hello rather than goodbye,
Those who keep an open mind and trust what their eyes might find,
Hello to those who love an unexpected encounter,
Those who see nothing strange in being a stranger.
Hello to you, to her, to him who love when life and fun just happen
And always keep their heart and their eyes wide open.

1,271 1,271
158,423 158,423

Updated figures as of December 31, 2023

ibis MUSIC in hotels

Physical in-hotel markers and events that bring to life the brand passion in 100% of the network : curated Spotify playlists, Music Corners with instruments available to play and regular live music events hosted in our hotels all year round.

ibis MUSIC at festivals

A presence in major IRL and digital festivals around the world to reinforce the brand positioning of a vibrant and open brand experience (on hold and pending COVID-19 evolution).

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