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Host Personal Touch

Handwritten Collection hotels offers a variety of curated hotels that are so distinct it is like a Handwritten note. It highlights the spirit of the host; their tastes, their passions and the little quirks of their personality. Hosts are a charming presence that weave their character and personality into the fabric of each hotel. Host’s touchpoints are carefully considered and bring to life different personal passions in Handwritten Collection hotels – creating a genuine connection between the host and its guests for a more authentic and memorable stay.

Curated, Stylish and Intimate Spaces That Reflect an Authentic Story at Each Hotel

These curated and intimate spaces reflect a unique and authentic story at each hotel. From traditional to modern assets, every property shows its own original design at its most creative. Handwritten Collection offers unique places thanks to a singular and personal design interpretation.
Each hotel in the collection is the life’s work of real people, the expression of their character, heart and personality. It is this thoughtful and contemporary approach, tailored with consideration for each location which create one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

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