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Inspired by Mercury, the Roman god of travelers, Mercure hotels offer so much more than a place to find comfort and sleep – they are a portal to discovery, a springboard to exploration. From the moment guests arrive – be it in Rio, Paris, Bangkok or any other destination globally – they are instantly immersed in a locally inspired atmosphere.

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At Mercure, we are proud to be locally inspired. Our Mercure hotels are characterized by the individuality of the places we reside. We take heart and inspiration from local food treasures and beverage pleasures. We celebrate local people as the cornerstones of culture, reconnecting with the curiosity that lives within us all. We can reignite the enjoyment of discovering authentic F&B, responsible, and truly local.

Social hub

Mercure social hubs offer an all-day-dynamic with flexible places to eat, drink, socialize or work.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage plays a key role for travelers looking for unique and authentic experiences to discover a destination, from breakfast to diner.

Guest rooms

The decoration and furnishing reflect the hotel local inspiration, in full coherence with the overall hotel design.

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