Strategy Sébastien Bazin on How Change Means Opportunity 
Change is an inherent part of daily operations at Accor. As we interact with a diverse group of people every day — including our Talent and guests — we witness shifts in the way people travel, consume, socialize, work, manage well-being, and more. We see sustainability and digital modifying behaviors and blurring lines. Driven by individuals, we can choose to pretend these transformations have no impact and continue business as usual, or we can embrace them. Change means opportunity. Either you change or you will be changed.

Change means opportunity. Either you change or you will be changed.

At Accor, we look ahead. With disruption and pragmatism as part of our DNA, we learn from these shifts in consumer behavior, assess our current operations and services, and determine, together with our owners and partners, what should be adapting to successfully accommodate these changes moving forward. The possibilities for innovation are endless. And the excitement for what is to come is exhilarating.

From Change To Opportunity is a powerful platform which provides incredibly valuable insights to discern what is truly important versus what is incidental. As an industry leader, we believe in engaging with the hospitality community and our business partners to address these transformations underway and highlight the opportunities for our industry, to collectively move forward in a sustainable and inventive way. 

In recent years, people have initiated the merging of lifestyle and travel, and are driving the industry to reimagine how guests and communities experience hotels.  Forget about traditional models, we live in a different world. Now, more than ever, the future of travel and hospitality hinges upon our industry’s overall agility and flexibility. Significant opportunities exist for companies which are able to provide the most creative and effective solutions. 

At Accor, we anticipate opportunities and constantly innovate, adapt, and pioneer. We are navigators of the now and what is to come. Join us on this exciting journey forward together.

Sébastien Bazin,
Chairman and CEO of Accor

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