Brands Innovation in Wellness: Four Ways The Purist Embraces a Holistic Approach to Wellness

As a recognized leader in hospitality wellness, Accor understands the vital role that hospitality plays in enhancing physical and mental well-being. Today, as we embark on a journey of transformative wellness with our guests, we also acknowledge how profoundly wellness initiatives can positively impact business growth for our hotels and owners. Poised to revolutionize the wellbeing journey, our newest well-being concept, The Purist, invites guests to embrace a holistic approach to wellness and discover the profound joy of complete harmony.

Elevating Wellness with The Purist: an Innovative Holistic, Modern and Sustainable Offer, Benefiting our Guests and Owners

Well-being is so much more than a passing trend ౼ it has become a mainstream lifestyle objective. Launched at the end of 2023 with a first destination in France at the five-star Cures Marines Hotel & Spa Trouville – MGallery Collectionon the coast of Normandy, The Purist is our groundbreaking holistic new wellness offer to this profound push towards healthy living and wellness. This distinctive and exclusive luxury wellness concept enriches the hotel’s traditional thalassotherapy experience and invites guests to elevate their health and well-being through a combination of care, movement, nutrition and sleep.

While our comprehensive and robust wellness offer is rollout-ready, it also aligns perfectly with the essence of each destination with a sustainable approach to ensure exceptional returns in both guest satisfaction and sustainable growth.

The Covid epidemic has accelerated the quest for well-being and redefined practices in the field. Today, it is not just about ‘looking better’; our guests also want to feel better, becoming reconnected, regenerated and realigned with themselves. Our concept at The Purist is based on this evolution.

Maud Bailly CEO of Sofitel, MGallery & Emblems - Luxury & Lifestyle

The Purist: Four Ways Accor Tailors the Wellness Experience

Poised to revolutionize the well-being journey, from tailored treatments to immersive activities, The Purist philosophy is firmly rooted in four wellness pillars that form the cornerstone of our distinctive holistic approach: care, movement, nutrition and sleep.

1. Care to nurture

Our experts design high-precision, tailored wellness and skincare services that blend ancestral techniques with cutting-edge neuro-aesthetic practices and wellness-tech innovations. We partner with exclusive, leading beauty brands to create bespoke and intimate experiences that embody the spirit of each destination. Each session begins with an expert diagnosis and guided breathing exercises to ensure a highly adapted and serene environment.

2. Movement to reload

Our comprehensive and inclusive athletic experiences integrate four key axes of movement ౼ mindful breathing, a focus on posture, body strengthening and sculpting and fundamental endurance. The Purist offers adaptable courses in and outdoors, individually or in a group setting and from light to intense training. Guests also gain privileged access to online sessions during and following their stay. For those looking for a more immersive experience, our group classes and retreats, rooted in the power of the collective, foster a profound sense of community.

3. Nutrition to balance

Our balanced, healthy and delicious dining options are based on the principles of energy-boosting cuisine, which marries science and ancestral traditions. Delectable menu items favor local, fresh and seasonal products with a strong emphasis on organic options whenever possible.

4. Sleep to recharge

While The Purist takes a scientific approach to designing our tailored protocols, the experience itself is pure relaxation. Our guests curl up in premium bed linen, surrounded by total darkness to encourage sleep hormone production as relaxing aromas help them drift off to sleep. Once it’s time to reemerge, a tailored light therapy system coupled with stimulating scents welcome them to a new day.

Driving Wellness Innovation: Accor, a Leading Position in the Future of Wellness in Hospitality

With the launch of The Purist, Accor builds on its position as a wellness leader in hospitality and a creator of new experiences. This new wellness offer serves as a business accelerator, driving guest satisfaction, boosting hotel performance and bringing greater value to our clients, partners and team members. Following a successful launch in France, The Purist will roll out in different key locations over the next few years.

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