Gekko Group

The Travel Tech company specializing in B2B hotel booking websites and loyalty programs

Through its 5 brands, Gekko offers accommodation booking solutions for travel agencies, large and medium-sized companies and business travelers. But also innovative loyalty programs dedicated to the B2B industry.

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Updated figures as of December 31, 2023

A unique hotel booking tool that meets the needs of large companies and international groups

HCorpo offers the best user experience to Travelers, Travel Managers and Finance (procurement / accounting) teams. Our mission is to optimize and streamline corporate hotel spend. HCorpo is a key player, fully integrated into business travel ecosystem bringing companies benefits across the entire value chain.

A leading specialist in accommodation reservations for travel professionals worldwide

The brand offers an unrivalled inventory of accommodation in the global market place with over 2,000,000 properties including 1,000,000 alternative types (camping, villas, homes). The Teldar site meets the needs of both leisure travel agencies and corporate travel agencies.

The next generation hotel wholesaler

Infinite purpose is to demystify the highly complex and opaque world of the B2B hotel distribution by putting innovation and transparence at the heart of its business. We provide our hotel partners with a valuable partnership based on distribution control, secured payments and a wide exposure to our corporate and leisure carefully selected B2B network (tour operators, DMC’s, travel agencies, OBT’s, etc …). 

First loyalty program dedicated to travel professionals

Miles Attack brings together 50 travel industry companies that reward 40,000 travel agents who are members of the Miles Attack program every day.

MILES acquired by the members can be converted into gifts or cash on the named and personal Mastercard by Miles Attack payment card.

A relevant and reliable software services to empower your business with IT solutions

Gekko Tech offers multi-source distribution platforms, a hotelier’s B2B 360° distribution platform, an event sourcing & distribution platform, IT consultation & project management and loyalty program platforms.