Your Time, Your Way

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Novotel believes it’s important to leave space for slow living. Its hotels invite business travelers to clock out and rest up, while encouraging families to soak up quality time together.

Whether they’ve arrived from a thousand miles away or for their staycation, Novotel destinations offer travelers an opportunity to connect with family, friends, colleagues and themselves, while also taking time to unwind.

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Updated figures as of December 31, 2023

Your Time, Your Way

Novotel hotels are intuitive spaces that allow you to make time for what matters most. We believe that it is important to leave space for slow living. Novotel hotels design & services are thought to enable our guests to blend business and pleasure for a flawless experience.

Slick service to give back time

Our staff is a team of mindful people and solution finders, who ensure you can use your time the way you want to. The design of our properties is modern and intuitive, for a flawless experience. Novotel hotels are full-service hotels with 24/7 F&B offerings as well as co-working and meeting facilities.

Time to unwind or bond

At Novotel, we value families through our strong and competitive family policy. Our hotels highlight facilities, services that will enable our guests to make the most of their time, their way, through bonding with their loved ones or by taking time for themselves to rest and relax.

Longstanding Commitment

At Novotel, we are dedicated to helping our guests find balance in their lives while also contributing to the health of our planet. Our oceans, vital to the planet’s balance, are at the heart of our environmental efforts across Novotel’s 580 hotels worldwide.

In partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Novotel will champion the protection and restoration of the ocean through science-based actions and conservation projects. The Novotel Positive Impact action plan targets the reduction of plastic, water, and carbon footprint, making sustainable food choices, raising awareness among guests and employees, and contributing to research & innovation.

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