Partnerships & Alliances

Working Together to Shape the Hospitality of Tomorrow

Accor plays a leading role in contributing to inspiring and setting industry standards through an open mindset that fosters innovation and collaboration. We work hand in hand with a range of industry players and stakeholders across our business, to collectively build sustainable solutions.

The path to a more sustainable hospitality model begins with collaboration and cooperation. Forging and nurturing the right partnerships and alliances with high-impact businesses and organizations is essential to help achieve our goals. Stronger together in our response to the climate emergency and the sustainability imperative, as a collective, we are able to mobilize our industry to work towards our common goal of responsible hospitality. We play an active role in international coalitions that foster shared solutions to major environmental and societal challenges, such as climate change and social inequality. We also partner with expert players to reduce our impact on the planet both locally and internationally.

Partnerships & Alliances with Global Organizations

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (SHA)

In September 2021, Accor became a member of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, which brings hospitality industry leaders together to address environmental and social challenges. Together, we have announced a new Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality, supported by the World Travel & Tourism Council, offering a practical framework for hotels to improve their environmental impact by addressing carbon emissions, water usage, waste and resource procurement.

Expedia & UNESCO

Accor has joined forces with UNESCO and the Expedia Group to further extend the UNESCO Sustainable Tourism Pledge, with a strategic tripartite agreement where 3,300+ Accor hotels in 96 countries come together to promote environmental sustainability and sustainable tourism - through responsible practices, community resilience and heritage conservation. 

Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism

We signed the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism launched by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), along with 300 public and private tourism organizations, which have agreed to halve their emissions by 2030 and contribute to achieving Net Zero by 2050. 

Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)

Accor is a board member of the GBTA, one of the industry’s top sustainability councils, which leads and mobilizes members to collaborate on ESG standards & solutions across travel and tourism. As one of the GBTA’s council members, Accor contributes to program initiatives that help drive business travel awareness and climate actions. 

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

In August 2022, Accor joined GSTC, the leading organization for sustainability in the hospitality industry. Through this membership, Accor aims to elevate the global and brand sustainability brand standards for sustainable travel and tourism.

Fondation de la Mer

In February 2022, we announced our partnership with Amundi, a responsible investment leader, to support ocean preservation through the adoption of the Ocean Framework, designed by Fondation de la Mer to help companies and investors assess the impact of business activities on ocean wildlife. We are the first large corporation to roll out the framework, as part of our dedicated ocean strategy and reporting policy.

United Nations Environment Program: The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

We are a member of The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative in the tourism sector, implemented by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Tourism Organization, in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, committing to eliminating unnecessary plastic items as well as moving from the single-use model to reuse models or reusable alternatives. 

Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender-based Violence

In 2021, Accor strengthened its role to act upon its international commitment and joined the Generation Equality Action Coalition on Gender-based Violence convened by UN Women as co-leader. The Action Coalitions are made up of member states, businesses, youths, civil society, international philanthropic organizations, all working together to accelerate gender equality. 

International Labour Organization (ILO)

In 2015, we strengthened our commitment to integrating people with disabilities by adopting the 10 principles of the Global Business and Disability Charter of the ILO, a key step in our inclusion journey. We have since been an active member on a worldwide level.

International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC)

We are also a member of the IFWC, a not-for-profit organization that fosters collaboration and coordinates action to reduce food loss and waste across Europe’s hospitality and food service sector, by sharing best practices and testing new solutions to yield results. 

Partnerships with Expert Players and High-Performance Tools

In line with our open mindset around partnerships and alliances, we are leveraging different expertise to foster innovation for a more sustainable and positive future. We are collaborating with expert players on the development and financing of high-performance tools to help us measure our impact and guide our efforts towards creating a more responsible hospitality. 

Too Good To Go

Every year, a third of global food production is wasted. In restaurants, food waste is estimated at 25%. Thanks to Too Good To Go, helping us bring the general population in touch with restaurants or producers selling their unused fresh produce of the day at a low price. In 2023, 999 hotels redistributed 345,188 meals in 12 countries, bringing the total number of meals saved from waste to over 1 million since the beginning of the partnership.


Orbisk, the start-up winner of the Accor Challenge at Viva Technology in 2021, is currently being deployed and piloted in some of our hotels, for instance at ibis Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (France) and Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne (Netherlands). It scans leftovers to obtain clear data of the amount and type of food being discarded, to then make menu adjustments to reduce waste.

Winnow Vision

Winnow Vision captures all waste data streams for every type of kitchen, including plate waste. The Winnow system is currently implemented in more than 50 of our hotels worldwide.


Fullsoon is an artificial intelligence-based prediction solution for restaurant occupancy, inventory management and staffing needs, optimizing resource management and environmental impact.

Energy Observer

Our long-term collaboration with Energy Observer, the world’s first self-sufficient, hydrogen-powered, zero-emission sea vessel, reflects our ambition to innovate in designing a more sustainable hospitality for the future. The Group has also invested in EODev applications for hospitality which develops concrete, environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient energy solutions, paving the way for the energy transition of a new generation of hotels with a reduced carbon footprint.