MGallery: a holistic experience
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The brand unveils a new wellbeing strategy, offered across the 26 countries where the boutique properties are located. Its only objective: ignites your inner spark.

MGallery believes that wellbeing is a holistic experience aiming at igniting each guest’s inner spark. To this end, the brand's new experience is based on 3 pillars: nourishing the soul, encouraging a balanced lifestyle and designing unique functional areas.

A unique approach to wellness

Essential to fostering energy, beauty and balance, MGallery’s unique approach to wellbeing starts with addressing your lifestyle, with the properties allowing individuals to discover a spectrum of wellbeing initiatives throughout your stay.

Take care of yourself through the array of bespoke beauty partners curated by the hotel, enjoy a signature treatment linked to the hotel’s story, attend a fitness class in an unexpected area of the hotel or write a letter to yourself capturing your commitments from your stay… you have a wide range of choices!

At MGallery, we believe that wellbeing is a complete experience, focused on self-care. Our art of welcoming is about helping guests ignite their inner spark. This is the reason why our new strategy focuses on the core elements of wellbeing, providing experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul to allow our guests becoming their most authentic version of themselves.

Yohan Amiot Vice President Global Marketing for MGallery

The women leading women to wellness

The new MGallery wellbeing strategy is in line with the Inspired by Her offer, launched in 2013. Through it, MGallery anticipates and responds to the demands of their female clientele with exclusive services and special considerations throughout their stay.

Today, MGallery is more ambitious and meets the needs of men! The new wellbeing approach has the same philosophy of bespoke welcome and fostering self-empowerment through wellbeing.

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