Partnership Recruiting and Empowering Talent to Welcome the World for Paris 2024
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Our industry leading expertise will be on full display as we take on our role as a Premium Partner of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in France. This event offers a chance to onboard a new generation of hospitality Talent and further our mission as a social elevator through recruitment opportunities and upskilling.

Accor’s Commitment to Empowering Talent at Paris 2024

Aligned with Paris 2024's commitment to inclusivity and opportunity, Accor has been preparing to play a crucial role in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Beyond providing outstanding hospitality services across the 90+ buildings at the Athletes’ and Media Villages, our 1,700 hotels across France, and the Guest Information Center, we are dedicated to recruiting the brightest Talent to welcome the entire world during this historic event. Our goal is to ensure that employment opportunities are available to the broadest possible spectrum of candidates, while we remain dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where all team members can flourish, regardless of their background or prior work experience.

These efforts highlight our role as an innovative and responsible player, prioritizing dedicated training and recruitment initiatives to welcome each and every individual with warmth and professionalism.

Inspiring and Onboarding a New Generation of Hospitality Talent

Accor will handle 16,000 keys in the Athletes' and Media Villages and with 750 positions to be filled in across the two Villages during this period, we are working closely with Randstad, an Official Supporter of Paris 2024, capitalizing on their expertise and know-how, to recruit and jointly approve the candidate profiles for the open positions.

We also have created an in-house Paris 2024 support structure for recruitment that echoes our Talent & Culture policy as well as our values of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Through our long-standing partnerships with major hospitality institutions and the collaboration of our Talent & Culture teams with various organizations and schools, we have been sourcing candidates from all across the region. Several recruitment events have been organized by Accor and our partners. For instance, more than 30 recruitment sessions have taken place for the two Villages, putting the Group in touch with over 600 potential candidates so far. We are also furthering our 'Jobs Au Talent' initiative that we launched in 2022, where candidates participate in live role-playing scenarios instead of submitting CVs – with three dedicated sessions to be held this month in Nice, Marseille and Paris to actively source Talent for the Games period.

Paris 2024 is an unparalleled opportunity for our team members in France to leverage their enthusiasm and skills to ensure the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, both in preparation and hosting. Our approach to an experience-based hospitality will come to life thanks to our Heartists® and together, we will create unforgettable experiences and meaningful moments for all our guests. As this celebration of athleticism unites the globe, our teams will contribute to connecting cultures, enriching their missions, sparking deeper emotions and realizing further purpose.

A Comprehensive Training Program to Develop our Team Members' Skills

We will impart decades of expertise in hospitality and large-scale event planning to enrich our teams members’ expertise and passion for excellence, ensuring their success before, during and after the Paris 2024 Games. Through the Accor Academy – the Group's in-house organization specialized in training and supporting Heartists® within hotels and Headquarters – we are not only integrating and supporting new team members but also training existing hotel teams, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for a seamless and exceptional guest experience.

Digital onboarding sessions, focused on support and sparkling team enthusiasm, have been rolled out for new team members. Meanwhile, we have developed specific training modules for all hotel team members, axed around welcoming people with disabilities, customer relations in a multicultural and sports-oriented context but also hygiene, guest management and team support, as well as modules tailored to Paris 2024's specific safety training requirements. Our commitment to training and support underscores our dedication to the success of this historic event and a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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