Talent & Culture Hospitality is a Work of Heart: Accor’s Bold, New Employee Value Proposition
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At Accor, people are at the heart of everything we do, and being a Heartist® is all about the art of connecting with others in an authentic way. Our renewed employee promise celebrates individuality, fosters growth, ignites purpose-driven work, and values every team member’s contribution.

The hospitality industry has witnessed a shift in the past few years, as the Talent landscape and expectations have evolved. Talent turnover and recruitment needs remain high, while career expectations have changed, especially those of the younger generation. Talent today seek purpose-driven experiences that will help them strike a healthy work-life balance in an environment that prioritizes transparency and authenticity.

Accor’s vision of hospitality is deeply rooted in experience, and it is through this vision that the Group aims to re-enchant Talent with the industry. Recognizing human capital is its greatest asset, Accor has maintained a long-standing commitment to its team members. The Group has always aimed at empowering them to reach their aspirations, unlock their full potential, and allow them to make a positive impact in all their endeavors.

Accor welcomes Talent seeking an authentic, human-centered work environment, regardless of their background or previous professional experience, because working in hospitality is a work of heart. Indeed, Heartists® embody the spirit of Accor’s new Employee Value Proposition better than anyone.

Discover how Accor’s Heartists® work from the heart:

Our refreshed Group Employee Value Proposition is a tribute to all Heartists® who contribute daily to our collective success. This new campaign was inspired by all our Heartists®, for the dedication they put into their daily work, the smile they bring to others, the heartfelt care they demonstrate in their actions and their unwavering commitment to their team. It retraces the Talent journey with its challenges but also its multiple benefits.

Steven Daines Accor Chief Talent & Culture Officer

Our new employee promise is built on 4 key pillars. Each characterize different aspects of what makes working for and with the Group special, and they are the foundation of our Heartists® culture:

  1. Be All You Are: represents the diverse and inclusive culture Accor fosters which celebrates autonomy, creativity and individuality.
  2. Grow & Create Your Path: represents the Group’s deeply ingrained culture of learning and development. Hospitality is a ‘School of Life’, functioning as a true social elevator, and Accor provides boundless training and professional evolution opportunities.
  3. Work with Purpose: represents Accor’s commitment to providing Heartists® with the opportunity to create memorable experiences for guests while making a positive and sustainable impact.
  4. Enjoy & Feel Valued: represents Accor’s recognition and appreciation of its Heartists'® dedication. The Group is dedicated to fostering a culture of feedback and continuous listening to better understand the evolving environments of its teams.

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