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Morgans Originals is rooted in iconic cultural legacy, with a collection of independent hotels all sharing the same free spirit. Each hotel, one of a kind, is brought together by a shared culture and community. No matter how big or small, a Morgans Original is always entertaining, celebrates a love for the glossy hey days, and the magic of a Friday night where time disappears. Morgans Original is a stamp of approval giving guests a guarantee and an invitation to join and access something unique.

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Updated figures as of December 31, 2023

Each Morgans Original is unique, celebrating individuality and diversity with its own statement-making design. Bringing together established creative partners to deliver the latest and greatest, and always discerning experiences in design, food & beverage, music and art. Each hotel has its own original story and features that combine a shimmery elegance with an edgy naughtiness — a balance you can’t help but be drawn to.

With two legendary properties in London, Morgans Originals is set to grow tremendously with upcoming openings in bold and glamorous destinations.

What you eat and drink can define an entire hotel, trip and experience. Morgans Originals are host to unmatched lounges and culinary experiences. With a network of partner chefs, and relationships with tastemakers, Morgans Originals will always create atmospheric moments that stand out. Much more than just restaurants, these ‘second homes’ are real places to live, open all day long and made to indulge, share, celebrate and create unforgettable memories for both locals and hotel guests alike.

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