Fairmont Quasar Istanbul: between dreams and reality
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Stop everything you are doing and let’s discover a treasure on the Turkish lands.

The Fairmont Quasar Istanbul sits at a crossroads of two roads, a place where eclectic neighborhood bazaars and colorful side streets meet modern and dynamism of the “New Rome”.

Located at a few steps from the most inescapable landmarks, such as Taksim Square or the Bosphorus, the address offers more than a stay: an unforgettable experience inside this historical atmosphere full of traditions. 


Seating plan

One of the particularity of the hotel is its incredible F&B offer.  5 places, 5 atmospheres.  Aila it’s the live mezze kitchen, typically called “ocakbasi”, Turkish specialties. Its little extra?  Its modern spice library and bar facing a traditional meal. 


Stations is more of an atmospheric restaurant. We are going there to capture the legacy of this place (an old liquor factory).

By walking into Demlique this café we discover the Turkish tradition of tea and coffee with sweet pastries and freshly baked bread.

The Marble Bar, situated at the heart of the hotel, is the rendezvous for the mixologist adepts.

Finally, Ukiyo, located on the fifth floor terrace with inspiring Bosphorus views, is the turning point. With its brunch. Serving poolside.

Combination of styles

Set on the site of the 1930’s Robert Mallet Stevens’ designed Art Deco liquor factory, Fairmont Quasar Istanbul blends a sense of urban culture and industrial flair with a very strong attachment to city’s storied traditions.

Its current design, from Wilson Associates, respects balance between tradition and modernity. With white marble floors, oversized lanterns, along with a sparkling chandelier…

But, above all, this fairytale place is a haven of peace and wellness including possible, the address features 209 bedrooms and 25 suites, with a wide panoramic view over the serene Bosphorus or across the city skyline, and has equipped itself with a Willow Stream Spa. A 2,000 square to escape and relax yourself.