How to work with an influencer
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Alex Vizeo shares his thoughts on the experience and gives us an insider’s view of his collaboration with the ibis Family for the Snap'Eyes by ibis operation.

In July 2017, the blogger visited London, Barcelona and Berlin whilst wearing Snapchat Spectacles®. You were able to guide him and challenge him!  3 cities and 3 different atmospheres to discover through Snapchat Spectacles® worn by Alex via the @ibishotels Snapchat account. The originality of the campaign seduced you, since it received 2 prizes at the Cristal Festival 2017 and the bronze is the Social Content category during the Grands Prix Stratégies du Digital in Paris!

As influencers are becoming real media and are now essential for brands, this operation is the perfect opportunity to raise the best practices in the matter with Alex Vizeo!

Why did you agree to join forces with the ibis Family?

The hotel sector is today facing a rising wave of private rentals. I find there are still very few hotel brands trying to rejuvenate their image and services to make up for this.

ibis, on the other hand, is stepping out of its comfort zone to try out new things and actually go in search of a younger, more connected target. I really liked its desire for innovation. So, ibis is a perfect match with the values and prices where I can position myself.

What did this operation bring you in terms of visibility and experience?

It was the first time where, instead of discovering a destination and then sharing it with internet users, I discovered it simultaneously with my community. There was direct interaction as I’d also get good tips from them.

What did you think of this collaboration?

I really liked working with ibis because the brand completely understood about influencer operations (which is still rarely the case). Having suggested this operation to me and shared their objectives (to get millennials talking about ibis), they gave me carte blanche!

We obviously had some mandatory cities and trips, but the brand trusted me to manage the rest. I love working in this type of relationship based on trust and just letting go.

What’s it like being guided by internet users instead of being the one giving the advice?

It was fantastic as it was a totally new exercise and I had to just go with the flow, not based on my wishes, but the ones of my followers. If I’m a travel blogger today, it’s to meet their expectations and I therefore found this solution really innovative and relevant. I very quickly went along with the game and felt like I was with friends who were challenging me!

How did you manage to get your followers on board with this adventure?

It was an operation where the brand was there to accompany me. The ibis Family managed to stay present without being omnipresent: the experience came first. This is precisely how a brand acquires a positive image with the public.

My followers were able to follow an innovative adventure without constant intervention from the instigator.

What are the keys to success for brand/influencer collaborations?

The first important point is to cast the influencer according to its communication objectives.

Then, and this is where it is very difficult for a brand: it must accept to be perceived through the prism and the universe of this influencer.

If the influencer does not have carte blanche, the operation will be a failure with his community. It will be at odds with them and the brand will not achieve its objectives.

If you were one of the 3 Snap’Eyes cities, which would you be, and why?

I would be Barcelona! I love London and Berlin. But London’s a bit too “posh” for me and Berlin is not posh enough. ;-)

And if you were any city…

I think I would be Lisbon because it's a modern city but not too modern. Lisbon is cool and dynamic, full of traditions yet focused on the future, and the sea and countryside are not too far away!

What’s your best memory of this operation?

The former spy station at Teufelsberg! I hadn't been able to visit it during my last trip to Berlin. Discovering it with the Spectacles was a unique experience.

What if you had to invent an item for the future?

Instantaneous translation through an earpiece, so everyone can understand each other all over the world!

And if you had to set off on a journey with a single item…

My mobile phone, to share my adventures!

What’s your favorite social network?

YouTube, because users go and search for content there themselves. Consumption is therefore much more qualitative than Instagram or Facebook feeds.

It's also one of those rare social networks that allows us to learn if we take the right steps.

Does that make you want to repeat the experience with other brands?

Yes, absolutely! It was fun :)

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