“From the Heart”

A knowing smile, a few soothing words, an attentive ear and acts of encouragement… Our teams all over the world are increasing the attention they pay to ensuring you enjoy unforgettable moments. It’s a philosophy that’s rendered in a video with our new “From the Heart” campaign.

Made by our teams in the UK, Ireland, Australia and Asia-Pacific, this TV ad depicts our greatest asset: our employees. Every day in the 100 countries where we operate, our talented people carry out little attentive acts that make all the difference. Together, we create special, unexpected moments for our guests, our partners and our employees themselves.

A room with special decorative touches for your wedding anniversary, favorite cakes placed on your bedside table, the yoga mat you love, left in your room, ready for you to use.... So many little attentions to detail from our team members, coming straight from the heart, to create those special moments.