Encounter with Kristina Zanic
1 min

Our design rendez-vous takes us with a prominent figure in interior design in Asia and the Middle East!

The Design & Technical Services department of Accor introduces you to well-known designers who work with the Group. This month, Alexandra Woop, Interior Design Director at Accor, Middle East met the Australian designer Kristina Zanic in her Dubai office, together with the journalist Nathalie Cuman.

A notable name in interior design in Asia and the Middle East, Kristina Zanic has worked in particular with Accor on the future Sofitel The Grand Amman based in Jordan. On this project, she focused on functions and ambiances in order to create memorable experiences for our guests and encompass the speakeasy theme.

Kristina Zanic's vision of Design

The sense of sight with Kristina Zanic ​