Message from Sébastien Bazin
1 min

Sébastien Bazin delivers a message of hope and solidarity to all the Group's employees, partners and owners: despite the crisis, Accor is maintaining solid financials and is preparing for the rebound.

As the world is facing an unprecedented health crisis that is having massive and unique impacts on the tourism industry, the Group has just published its first-quarter 2020 revenue down 17% as reported - expected results due to the spread of the epidemic and the enforced lockdown.

Although the next months are shaping up to be the most difficult of the year, the Group can rely on a robust balance sheet thanks to its recent transformation. This will enable the Group to better absorb the economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis in the coming quarters.
Regional initiatives are multiplying to fight the epidemic and support employees in need, owners, government authorities, healthcare professionals and local communities. Sébastien Bazin salutes and applauds the Group's ability to organize, listen and take action, as well as that of our teams and partners around the world.

Accor is also positioning itself as a key actor in the hotel sector, in order to prepare for the rebound, with great energy.

Accor will never be a spectator of its own world: Accor is an actor, more so than ever, in 110 countries.