Ukraine - Situation Update
1 min

Since the tragic escalation of events in Ukraine, Accor has been concentrating its efforts on making sure our teams, guests and local partners stay safe. 

We have implemented major humanitarian efforts to support populations affected by the conflict or fleeing Ukraine, including providing 200,000+ room nights for refugees, ALL Heartist Fund donations to hotel teams, financial and aid contributions to local and international charities acting in support of Ukraine as well as job placement schemes for Ukrainian refugees. Most recently we have further committed to actions of solidarity and support with Polish Red Cross and PTAK Humanitarian Aid Center Warsaw Expo. 

Accor continues to monitor the situation closely and is making daily changes to our actions and activities in accordance with our stringent enforcement of sanction lists. Our warmest thoughts goes to all those severely affected by this war.  In times of turmoil, our hotels remain shelters to many people including foreign citizens, NGOs, and media, as has been the case for the past 50 years.