Social, Ethnic, Racial and Cultural Diversity

Contributing Towards Social and Economic Inclusion

As a major global employer, Accor has an essential role to play in contributing to social, ethnic, racial and cultural diversity. Being implanted locally on the ground means we are able to fulfill the needs of our teams and the communities they are a part of by providing access to jobs, as well as training opportunities to support their professional growth and personal well-being. 

Not only does the Group provide access to jobs and training opportunities to make hospitality a social elevator, but it also relies on transmission through mentoring programs, sponsorships and associative partnerships to promote integration within local communities, as well as recruitment events, etc. 

All over the world, Accor teams have launched pioneering initiatives in this area to meet the challenges and priorities specific to each region, according to their needs.

A Tailored Approach Rooted in Our Communities 

Throughout the world, our teams are addressing the notion of social and economic inclusion as well as wealth of diversity in all its forms. In Australia, our long-standing equal opportunities, Indigenous Careers Program, was a first in the local hospitality industry, and we have more than 600 valued Indigenous team members across our network. In North America, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is helping to accelerate leadership opportunities for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We also provide internships for young talent from underprivileged neighborhoods in France and continue facilitating the recruitment of refugees in South America, the UK and France. In 2022, the Group launched Accor Kenya Youth Empowerment Program (AKYEP), a 6-month mentorship program with its first group at Fairmont Mara Safari Club with interns and young adults from local communities.

Discover Our Podcast Series “Local Voices, Global Stories” 

"Local Voices, Global Stories" is our podcast diving into the stories of the people, places and initiatives from around the world that are shaping the hospitality of tomorrow, creating new innovative and meaningful experiences. In this episode, we head over to Australia to speak to Josh Hanley, Senior Indigenous Programs Manager, and Kedea Atherton, Indigenous Programs Manager Queensland Northern Territory & New South Wales, who discuss how they strive to give all candidates a chance to shine, ensure an inclusive workplace, and promote the country's unique Indigenous culture.