Ethics & Compliance

We are intent on uniting and developing all of our teams around a common philosophy, constituting the basis for our ethical commitment and expressing the unique personality of Accor.

Whilst our industry and Group are experiencing major transformation, we are taking more care than ever to ensure that as we evolve, we continue to respect our common heritage. We do this through our culture: that's what really distinguishes us and makes us appealing; we also do it, above all, whilst respecting Women and Men alike, as well as our Planet.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

The Code of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility provides the framework for our approach to responsibility in terms of management ethics, integrity and legal compliance as well as our responsibilities to our employees, society and the environment. Find out more about it.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter


2023 Universal Registration Document


2023 Integrated report


Our Human Resources Policy

The implementation of our code of ethics and CSR relies on continual dialogue with all our stakeholders: guests, employees, financial and business partners, franchisees, owners/investors, parties involved in local development etc. This communication is crucial as it enables us to identify priority areas for action and together create shared value. Our determination to develop our human resources through dialogue with all our employee representatives and management is put into practice within the Group by means of the following guidelines:

  • We involve all our employees in improving their working life
  • We encourage dialogue with employee representatives
  • We devise solutions to help achieve a work-life balance
  • We offer working conditions and benefits that have the overwhelming approval of our employees
  • We fervently defend diversity and equal opportunities
  • We help our talents adapt to the digital world and encourage them to innovate