Talent & Culture Designing a Recruitment Approach to Foster Disability Inclusion
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Committed to making inclusion a reality, hotels across our network have designed their recruitment processes to meet the needs of people with disabilities – such as autism-inclusive initiatives at the Fairmont Tremblant and the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth in Canada.

Embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Accor takes many different forms, from social, ethnic, racial and cultural diversity to LGBTQI+ inclusion, and gender diversity and equality. It also means ensuring people with disabilities feel welcome at work. As well as raising awareness, we aim to provide a welcoming culture and meaningful opportunities to support the personal and professional development of people with disabilities. This commitment comes alive through pioneering initiatives both on a global scale and locally, as hotel teams strive to accommodate specific needs within the community.

Opportunities, Integration and a Sense of Purpose at the Fairmont Tremblant & the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth, Canada

Under the impetus of Anne Marie Johns, General Manager of the Fairmont Tremblant, the hotel along with the Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth have developed a partnership with Giant Steps – a Canadian NGO that is at the forefront of autism and education. In 2022, the two hotels launched a project dedicated to the professional integration of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. This kind of project has potential to transform lives – for autistic individuals but also the people around them. So far, 12 new members have joined the hotel teams as part of the initiative, supported by job coaches from Giant Steps. The project not only enhances the inclusivity in the workplace but also fosters a sense of purpose among existing team members, who warmly welcome these individuals into their new roles.

The two hotels are blazing a path as the first in Canada to deploy a dedicated program, while also ensuring that guests with autism spectrum disorders and their families have a positive experience during their stay. Moving forwards, the objectif is to extend the pilot project to other Fairmont properties in Canada. 

Reinforcing our Commitment towards the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

To take our commitment a step further, in April we launched a new partnership with French organization Agefiph. 14 apprentices with disabilities trained by Simplon, a start-up that specializes in training in digital jobs, are taking part in an 18-month apprenticeship across several tech business units of the Group (Accor Digital & Business Factory, Accor Tech, D-Edge, Paris Society, Wojo, GEKKO). In addition, Accor has set up a dedicated interface between Accor Careers website and the specialized Agefiph site, facilitating access to professional opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Dive Deeper into Global Initiatives and Partnerships to Prioritize Disability Inclusion

  • Global Business and Disability Charter

    In 2015, Accor signed and adopted the ten principles of the Global Business and Disability Charter created by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

  • 'Smart Room'

    The 'Smart Room' is a room concept created by Accor to rethink the traditional accessible room, aiming to combine functionality and design to improve hotel room accessibility.  

  • Valuable 500

    In December 2021, Accor joined the Valuable 500, a global initiative aimed at adding the inclusion of people with disabilities to the roadmaps of multinationals.

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