How our brands promote wellbeing
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Wellbeing and all that it encompasses—sport, meditation, nutrition, sleep, etc.—, has become, now more than ever, an essential part of the overall travel experience. Our luxury and premium brands understand this and have introduced products and services specifically designed to answer their guests’ desire for wellbeing.

Much more than a trend, wellness activities answer fundamental needs that are currently more essential than ever before. The health crisis has acted as a catalyst, triggering the desire to improve physical, mental, and social fitness, and awakening in consumers the desire to live differently, to live better. They are fully aware of the importance of oneself in a society where the strains and stresses of daily life can rapidly become overwhelming. The desire and need for wellbeing are now a top priority for everyone. According to a recent report by the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA), 44% of travelers are looking to the wellness segment for their next trip. Once the pandemic is under control and they can start travelling again, there will be even greater demand for wellness activities, particularly ones devoted to nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep.

“As the expectation for wellness luxury travel continues to grow, we must look beyond material luxuries to experiences that balance the mind, body and spirit”,
Emlyn Brown, Global Vice President, Wellbeing, Luxury and Premium Brands, Accor

To anticipate and better respond to growing wellbeing needs, our luxury and premium brands take a holistic approach and cover every revitalizing experience luxury travelers aspire to. Raffles has unveiled a program devoted to emotional wellbeing, Fairmont promises a sleep experience with bedtime rituals, and Pullman is revolutionizing fitness with Pullman Power Fitness… We take a closer look at these three brands and their approaches to wellbeing.

Raffles, where the art of emotional wellbeing is a way of life

Each Raffles property is designed to serve as an oasis of serenity, harmony, relaxation, recovery, and pleasure. The release of the brand’s new white paper, Answering the Desire for Wellness in Luxury Travel, highlights the current importance of these touchstones since it reveals that wellbeing is now considered an essential lifestyle practice. The white paper is being released in conjunction with the launch of Emotional Wellbeing by Raffles, a global blueprint for wellness that will guide guests through thoughtfully curated programs, spaces and rituals. From Design for Harmony, Nutrition for Pleasure, and Rituals for Serenity, everything is designed to inspire a sense of emotional wellbeing while in residence with Raffles.

The first Emotional Wellbeing by Raffles Retreat will debut in 2021 at Raffles Bali. A dedicated Wellbeing Butler will craft bespoke wellness stays for each guest.

At Fairmont sleep is the key to wellbeing

"Luxury hoteliers such as Fairmont have long been aware that adequate sleep is vital to emotional regulation, immune system strength, and overall wellbeing,” said Sharon Cohen, Vice President, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. Fairmont guests can nurture their wellbeing with a good night’s sleep in both its hotels and their homes thanks to the brand’s sleep rituals, amenities, and bedding. All are highly valued, especially this year when sleep disorders are on the rise, a surge doctors are calling “COVID-somnia”.

For Fairmont, sleep is paramount. From the crisp sheets to the feathery pillows, the blackout curtains and the supportive mattresses, its focus on ensuring a good night’s rest, has made the brand known for its deep and restorative sleep experiences. Its guests also often say the brand has the most comfortable beds in the world.

All over the globe, the Fairmont sleep experience focuses on four pillars: create a bedtime ritual because it is important to clear the mind of worries and pressures before sleep, engage all five senses for a rich and holistic experience of wellbeing (bespoke room fragrances, etc),  keep your room fresh, clean and well-ordered and lastly, enjoy the Fairmont sleep experience at home by purchasing the brand’s mattress, pillows and duvet online.

Pullman Power Fitness: a bold fitness concept

Pullman is passionate about sport and offers guests the best sports equipment and technologies so they can enjoy healthier travel experiences. That is why the brand has launched Pullman Power Fitness, a new concept with around-the-clock classes for guests. It replaces the one-size-fits-all hotel gym environment with an artful, social approach to contemporary fitness that positions Pullman as the world’s first fitness hotel brand.

Despite the current global interruptions affecting so many worldwide, consumer demand for modern and exciting fitness concepts is a global macro trend that is here to stay.
Emlyn Brown

The new Pullman concept is the perfect response to this trend and allows guests to combine a healthy body with an inspired mind so they can perform at their best wherever they may be.  The brand’s offer draws on integrated technology, online on-demand availability, thus adapting to new Covid-19-induced practices. The aim is to create a truly holistic approach to fitness, as well as a like-minded community of members who share the same passion. It is a concept that is bound to appeal to the generation of connected millennials, especially since according to Global Webindex, nearly 80% of them exercise at least once a week.

The program combines spaces that energize designed by leading experts; 24/7 live and virtual fitness classes powered by fitness content provider Les Mills; bespoke outdoor exercise circuits; the nutritious and wholesome Pullman Active Breakfast; and access to a vibrant community.

Pullman Power Fitness is already available at Pullman Paris Centre Bercy and will be rolled out in other Pullman hotels worldwide in 2021 and the coming years.

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