Novotel: with "Calm" & serenity 
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While its signature "Time is on Your Side" invites you to take time for yourself during your stays in Novotel hotels, the brand is partnering with Calm, the #1 app for sleep, to offer you a more relaxing experience than ever... an announcement marked by the launch of a new "Sleep Story" narrated by actress Eva Green. Stay Calm! 

From January 2020, the partnership with Calm will come to life in  Novotel properties in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, it will be deployed in more than 530 hotels in 60 countries!

An expert application for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Calm offers hundreds of hours of original audio content to help its users relax and sleep better. In total, the app records more than 60 million downloads today, with about 85,000 new users per day. A positioning that emphasizes the vital role of sleep, mindfulness and autonomy, which is not unknown to Novotel. The brand's mission is to offer its guests comforting and energizing places where it is possible to press pause and to make time to connect with family and friends. A partnership that makes sense! Today, Calm and Novotel are joining forces to ensure that hospitality and inner well-being become one during our guests' stays.

Offers to let go

From guided meditations, atmospheric music, nature soundscapes, and over 150 Sleep Stories. Endless possibilities gathered on the Calm application which our guests will soon be able to discover the benefits. All this content has been designed to promote the psychological well-being of listeners.

At Novotel, we invite our guests to unwind and enjoy a sense of calm and wellbeing while staying at our hotels. Traveling often takes people out of their usual comfort zones and so we feel it is vitally important to help our guests regain that comfort through mindfulness and relaxing environments. We are thrilled to partner with Calm to boost our efforts in this regard and look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to our guests’ overall health and wellbeing.

Nadege Keryhuel Vice President Novotel

BONUS: guests staying in the brand's Executive Rooms will be offered a premium 1-month subscription to Calm! Enough to stay relaxed, even after the end of his stay.

A prestigious voice to guide you in the arms of Morphée

One of Calm's most popular contents is the "Sleep Stories” soothing bedtime stories, often narrated by well-known voices, that transport millions of adults and kids into a calmer, deeper sleep. To celebrate the announcement of the Novotel x Calm partnership, the app unveils a new "Sleep Story" entitled "Nightfall" and told by award-winning actress Eva Green.

For me, sleep is like my sanctuary, it is a time to rest, to be alone in my thoughts and it is the foundation of me feeling good every day. Through this reading of “Nightfall”, I hope to bring about a state of stillness and peace to people, helping them unwind and fall into a deep sleep.

Eva Green

As twilight traverses the globe, the story evokes a sense of interconnectedness among people and creatures, across regions and environments. The Earth’s shadow drifts across continents and oceans, transforming equally everything with it. The experience of nightfall is universal and global, characteristics at the heart of this story.

A partnership that will allow you to remain "Calm" in all circumstances....


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