Message from Sébastien Bazin
1 min

As the health crisis we have been experiencing for the past few months stabilizes and the world gradually relaxes its lockdown measures, Sébastien Bazin once again wanted to address all the Group's employees, clients, partners and owners. 

From his office at the international headquarters (Issy Les Moulineaux) in France, where the progressive deconfinement began on May 11th, Sébastien Bazin looks back over the last 60 days and the lessons we can learn from it. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, Accor has been mobilizing to protect its business and support its employees and partners, notably with the creation of the "ALL Heartist Fund”. We are proud of this initiative, which has been able to help a large number of Heartists heavily impacted by the crisis since its launch. 

Heading for a gradual recovery, the Group now needs to have a fresh look at the world, whose mindset and priorities have changed. The future remains uncertain and many questions remain unanswered, but Sébastien Bazin insists: it is up to us, together, to act to answer them, to define them according to what really matters. The current crisis invites us to reinvent ourselves and review our priorities in order to refocus on the essentials. Authenticity and commitment will be the watchwords of this new turning point.

The world is full of opportunities, and those opportunities never went away over the last 60 days. […] They’re waiting for us.