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Samir Arora! At the Retreat Palm Dubai - MGallery Hotel Collection, wellness is the core ambition of the General Manager, Samir Arora. Whether the objective is detox, fitness or mindfulness, his teams do everything possible to create memorable experiences. Exclusive decoding of this address's well-being strategy which reflects new trends and the exacting demands of its guests!

Remember... a few months ago, we shared you the 1st series of interviews entitled  60 seconds with. The focus was on Food & Beverage, including meetings with Mixologist Lersak Jamkadsin and Chef Bart CywinskiThis time, the spotlight is on well-being!

Wellness has become a lifestyle choice with an influence on all our daily activities such as nutrition, sport, sleep… This is why Samir Arora offers a holistic wellness approach in his hotel, the Retreat Palm Dubai – MGallery Hotel Collection.

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