Strategy Well-being is more than just a trend
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Like happiness, well-being is made up of a multitude of little things which, when put together, can lead us to feeling good in our bodies and in our minds. For this new edition of Accor TV, discover the Group's well-being strategy in response to emerging trends and the high expectations of our customers!

An increasing number of people are looking for greater well-being. Because of what? Who?

Perhaps our way of life is a major source of stress and various anxieties; maybe it's an increasingly accelerated world where everything is always moving faster: work, modes of transport, communication systems, flows of capital, goods, information... we are being swept along by a whirlwind.

Well-being is not just an activity or a fad—it meets basic human needs. Today, these needs are stronger than ever, making this area one of the most promising and resilient sectors in the world.

What does this mean for our Group and our hotels? Burgeoning challenges and opportunities.

Decoding the well-being strategy at Accor

Exclusive meetings with Emlyn Brown (VP Well-Being Luxury and Premium), Aldina Duarte Ramos (Global Director of Well-Being Luxury and Premium), and Evi Ferenduros (Insight and Planning Manager—CMI) to better understand the guest expectations and how Accor meets them through its new strategy.

Frédéric Fontaine (Innovation Lab) unveils us the new innovative projects set up to complement the Group's offers and services.

Next Cristina Torres (VP Marketing Thalassa France) tells us the story of our historic Thalassa Sea & Spa brand and how it is evolving through new trends.

And finally ... it's off to Dubai, a flagship destination for well-being at Accor! Meet up with Lindsay Madden-Nadeau (Global Director of Well-Being Luxury and Premium) and Mark Sawkins (VP Operations Gulf Luxury Brand and GM—Fairmont the Palm, Dubai), who explain the different strategies implemented locally at our locations and the challenges surrounding an increasingly demanding clientele…

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